Book Review : Career Of Evil

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robert galbraith

Author: Robert Galbraith
Genre: Crime Fiction
Price: Rs. 699 MRP.

Imagine going to your office and receiving a courier containing a girl’s leg severed from her body.

Robin Ellacott, assistant to famous detective, Cormoran Strike, receives such a package. While Rbin is shocked to the core, Strike can actually make a list of people who are crazy enough to send a severed leg to make it even with him. But this time Strike is taking on his own case rather than solving others’ cases. This personal case is causing Strike to lose his usual business and is taking him back to his disturbed past.

At the same time, Robin’s safety is intertwined into the tale as the serial killer seems to be following her. Over and above this Robin is troubled by her fiance and her upcoming marriage seems to be on rocks even before it has happened. Will Robin be able to think clearly through her emotional state? Will Strike get to the killer before he reaches Robin? Or will this case mark as the end of famous detective Strike?

What works

You will have a great time playing detective yourself; assuming who the serial killer is, what the next move might be, and every time you think you have nailed it, there is another twist in the tale. Brilliantly written and will capture your attention right from start. Though a part of Cormoran Strike Novel series, it is capable of standing out. You do not need to read the earlier books to understand what is going on. (However, you can read the earlier two after finishing this one; they are just as intriguing as this one)

What Doesn’t

I was pondering over this part for nearly 10 minutes but seriously guys, this book is flawless. There is absolutely nothing that I can pinpoint to as a flaw.

To read or not to read

The back cover of this book reads “you will not be able to put this book down” and the book stands true to this. I finished mine in 3 days non-stop even while regretting that I have to concentrate on my work in between.

Definitely “to read” this one!

P.S: Robert Galbraith is none other than the queen of storytelling, JK Rowling! If you like her work, that’s another reason to grab this book.

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva is an Oxford graduate, who loves reading and writing. Currently, she is working as a Secretary of various head of departments with ICICI Securities Ltd. Through her blog "Appie's Place", she portray her views, poems and the random things which she find amusing. She reviews books that will help you find your "read-me" perfect book to whichever mood you are in.

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