Watch: Muslim Family Forced To Leave Theatre For Not Standing During National Anthem

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A video showing a Muslim family being asked to leave a movie theatre for not standing up during the national anthem has gone viral on social media.

The over two-minute video clip shows a few people arguing with the family, who they accuse of making excuses for not standing up when the national anthem was playing.

Few people can also be seen questioning the family as to why they could not stand for the national anthem when they can sit for four hours to watch the movie.

As the argument gets heated, some officials of PVR cinema are seen asking the family to leave the theater. As the family moves out, the rest of the theater is seen cheering and applauding.

Though, we independently cannot verify the authenticity of the location, according to some reports, the incident took place during a show of the movie Tamasha at a PVR in Kurla in Mumbai, while some reports suggest that the incident took place at a PVR in Bengaluru.

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