Book Review: Not Without My Daughter

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not without my daughter

Author: Betty Mahmoody with Willian Hoffer
Genre: Biography
Price: Rs. 500

Betty Mahmoody is married to an Iranian. A family visit to Iran is on cards, so Betty along with her daughter and husband arrive in Iran. Once in, Betty finds herself trapped by her own Husband in a foreign land. She is not aware of the way around, the language, the people, and is a total stranger in the the country. Betty wants to escape but is determined to get her daughter along. She would not leave her daughter behind for a safer journey. Will Betty be able to do so without her husband and his family figuring out her plans? Will she be able to cross the borders safely and that too with her daughter tagging along? Read to find out.

What Works!
It gives me goosebumps to know that this is a true story and that Betty had to face what we find impossible even when we read it. It is not a book which is anti-Iran; in fact, it is Iranians who help Betty while the US Embassy refuses to do anything. I like that Betty has refrained from stereotyping the entire Iranian culture.

What Doesn’t!
All of Betty’s experiences are unique and this book puts them together very well. I did not find anything going haywire or amiss anywhere.

To read or not to read:
We come across many survival stories but this is one of a kind. What makes it even more intriguing is that it is a true story. Every word you read, you already know that Betty had to experience it firsthand. It is a sad story and at some point of the book you automatically start suggesting Betty the next step and pray that she listens to you and escapes at the earliest. The book truly depicts the saying: Never give up! Do read it.

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva is an Oxford graduate, who loves reading and writing. Currently, she is working as a Secretary of various head of departments with ICICI Securities Ltd. Through her blog "Appie's Place", she portray her views, poems and the random things which she find amusing. She reviews books that will help you find your "read-me" perfect book to whichever mood you are in.

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