Book Review: I Too Had A Love Story

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I too had a love story

Author: Ravinder Singh
Genre: Romance
Price: Rs. 175

The story of Ravinder Singh’s book centres around Ravin and Khushi. The story begins with reunion of four friends and how adulthood has had an impact on their life. All of them are now busy with jobs, careers and aspirations. When they meet, digitalization of arranged marriages becomes the hot topic; how applications, matrimonial websites and dating apps can help you find your life partner. Ravin is the first of the four to register on one such site, and that is where he meets Khushi. You would have already guessed that these two fall in love—head over heels in love—with each other. What happens next? Will there parents agree to this match? Will the families come together or fall apart

What Works!

The story! Though it is slightly cliched, it has amazing twists and turns. It is a story you can relate to if you had an arranged marriage, are madly in love with someone, or go gaga over the lovey-dovey fiction. It is refreshing because it is not your typical ‘boy meets girl, girl meets boy’ tale. The cover blurb gets it absolutely right: “Simple, honest and touching.”

What Doesn’t!

The style of writing is amateurish. At some point through the book, you would seriously start doubting if the book has been written by a professional author.

To read or not to read:

If you are one of those hopelessly, deeply, madly in love, or like reading books with that genre then you will definitely be able to connect with this book. The book is based on the author’s own love story. It leaves us with the question, “can love happen twice?” This story is worth a read and maybe also a movie, perhaps? It has all the basic ingredients of a Bollywood movie. It is one-day-done kind of a book so if you have a free day and don’t know what to do with it, grab this book.

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva is an Oxford graduate, who loves reading and writing. Currently, she is working as a Secretary of various head of departments with ICICI Securities Ltd. Through her blog "Appie's Place", she portray her views, poems and the random things which she find amusing. She reviews books that will help you find your "read-me" perfect book to whichever mood you are in.

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