Book Review: Haunted

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haunted-book review

Book: Haunted
Chuck Palahniuk
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 700

Twenty-three individuals, all different from another are provided with perfect environment to write an “America’s No. 1” Novel. The writer’s retreat which gives our characters all the basic needs – food, clothes, shelter. The place has got enough electricity, bedrooms, water which leaves the writer to do nothing else but write – or so our characters are brought to believe; as they just write to survive. As time passes by, each of them have to survive unbearable conditions whilst trying to write.

Every short story in this novel is based on same three parts; the story about a specific character or writer, poem dedicated to the participant and concluding with the story written by that writer. The stories range from homosexuality, murder, mystery, disease, and depressions. What are these stories? Do you have it in you to pick up “Haunted” by Chuck Palahniuk and just start reading it? Although, more importantly, do have the will power to go write up to the end of this ‘little page turner’ story?

What Works!

Twenty three short stories summing up to one. You can read this book at your own sweet pace as none of the stories are that remotely connected to each other as in they are capable of standing for themselves. The words! They are pure magic. They have the ability to give you those butterflies in your tummy just by reading mere words. It is hilarious, gruesome, tragic, and emotional all at once.

What Doesn’t!

The title is just a little misleading. “Haunted” suggests that we would be in for thrills, chills, and goose bumps; although we do experience all this but not for some ghosts or possessed characters. Although categorized under novels what this book really is a collection of short stories.

To read or not to read:

This is one seriously dangerous book that you would read. The first story literally had me gapping like an idiot at the words I stared at imagining the scenarios. Oh! I dared not do it! Read it – Just do it and get it over with already. It is a unique book to read. It is also a known fact that a few readers were known to faint when author read some excerpts of the book at this book reading session. Also, it has a glow in dark cover; so would also make a great addition to your collection. This will be one of the most disturbing book you will ever read; not that it is bad though. Totally worth the money spent.

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva is an Oxford graduate, who loves reading and writing. Currently, she is working as a Secretary of various head of departments with ICICI Securities Ltd. Through her blog "Appie's Place", she portray her views, poems and the random things which she find amusing. She reviews books that will help you find your "read-me" perfect book to whichever mood you are in.

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