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A 23-year-old Nishant Bangera, a resident of Thane is now on a mission to create awareness to save the lives of the people falling from over-crowded train during peak hours. Bangera, who is an Associate Business Executive by profession has started a campaign called ‘Bag Pakad Jagah Bana’- urging train travellers to start sensitising towards other passengers by holding their bags when they are occupying a seat.

Bangera believes that if passengers who get a place to sit, carry their bags along with them, it will create a space for other standing passengers to keep their bags on the carrier, which will not only make more space for standing passengers, but will also save lives of hundreds of passenger.

According to recent RTI revelation, a whopping 25,722 passengers fell from suburban trains (travelling on Western, Central and Harbour suburban services) in last 10 years, of whom 6,989 commuters died while 18,733 survived.

Speaking about the campaign, Bangera said, “This campaign is all about using a small idea to make a difference in city’s lifeline – ‘The Local Trains’, by trying to save lives of the people who slip off during peak hours, due to insufficient place in the compartment. Every train has carriers in each of the compartment, which are almost four feet in length. If people who get a place to sit, carry their bags with them and leave the carrier space for those standing, it will eventually create more ‘breathing’ space for standing passengers, and may help in reducing incident where people lose their lives by falling from the train.”

Nishant Bangera

Stating that the ones who are more affected are the senior citizens and ladies, as young people can somehow still get through the chaos, Bangera, who started the campaign just few months ago, said, “Even if we assume that one senior citizen is travelling in every compartment during the peak hour, that means 12 senior citizens travel in the train. Every five minute there is a train, which means in an hour there are 12 trains, and going by this calculation, 144 senior citizens can get breathing space every hour during their journey in the lifeline.”

Bangera and his friends, who are involved in the campaign run a Movie club called ‘Muse’, which shows movies in various colleges to make youth think and action. ‘Bag Pakad, Jagah Bana’ is one such outcome of the discussions that happens in Muse.

Talking about the execution of the campaign, Bangera said, “As we realised that explaining our campaign to everyone would not be enough, we made badges with our logo saying – ‘Bag Pakad, Jagah Bana’ and distributed it among people. Curious people asked us about it and eventually the word started spreading. Now, we have also started our social media pages, where we are appealing people. Soon, we will also put up banners at various stations once we procure required permissions.”

Though the campaign has not received considerable amount of success, Bangera is confident that once they promote it at larger scale, it will have positive impact. “As of now, whosoever has come across, have loved the idea and feel worth spreading. We hope that our initiative will bring considerable change in citizens’ approach,” added Bangera.

Apart from Bangera, people who are involved in this campaign, includes, Amritha Mohan, Prathamesh Thakur, Farzeen Khan, Krupa Patil, Vikrant K, Abel Joy and Sachin Kulaye.

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