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“There is no sincerer love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

This quote by famous Irish writer was taken seriously by two city dwellers who thought of starting a new culinary rendezvous of Thanekar’s with North-Eastern delicacy – Momos. To fructify this, they started the famous ‘Appetite Momos’ shop.

Co-founders Rahul Pawar and Avinash Vishwakarma are both Bachelor of Business Studies (BMS) graduates from Joshi-Bedekar College and always aimed at starting a business immediately after graduation. They did not wish to work for other employers. And the turning point came during an industrial visit to Darjeeling in 2014, when they tasted Momos and hit upon the idea.

Elaborating on the journey of setting up a shop that specialises in Momos, Rahul said, “We wanted to start something different in city that would naturally give us less competitive market. That mouth watering tasty Momos of Darjeeling inspired us to look towards this as saleable product. Also Momos were visually familiar to Maharashtrian dishes due to its visual similarity with Modaks. With no expertise in business, we jumped into the food business in 2011 with a small sized shop.”

Talking about difficulties in the earlier stages, Avinash said it was quite difficult to convince people that they weren’t selling Modaks with different stuff in it.

Selling typical Momos wouldn’t work in metro city like Thane. So with the help of famous chef Abhilash Jaagi, Rahul and Avinash curated a total of 9 flavours of Momos with Mumbaiyaa touch and more familiar stuffing in it. Today Appetite serves veg and non-veg Momos in steamed and fried categories. It consists of chicken, mutton, vegetable, Paneer and Cheese.

Success in Numbers

Starting with initial investment of Rs, 80,000/- some four years ago, today, Appetite is breaking new records with increasing popularity. It currently has two branches, one at Thane and other near Kanjurmarg railway station.

As per the owners statement, Appetite sells one thousand and 500 plates per day that is more than 12 thousand Momos on a daily basis. Currently, both the founders are working on digitising the business with help of mobile application, and setting up online order facility and focusing on social networking promotion.

Edited By: Vishal Manve

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