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Wrangling over the ban on sale of meat during Jain fasting period ‘Paryushan’ spilled on to the streets on Friday with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) protesting in defiance of the order in Thane.

The Thane unit of Raj Thackeray-led MNS protested during the program of Jain Community in Vishnu Nagar by attempting to cook non-veg in front of the gate of the Jain community hall.

MNS city Vice-President Ravi More, Mahesh Kadam, Raju Bagve, Ashish Doke, women party workers were present during the protest.

MNS Protest - Meat ban 1

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Thursday said the Jains cannot decide the policies of the state and vowed his party’s support to those willing to sell meat in the state.

“The Jains will not decide what will happen in Maharashtra. Digamma Jains roam naked showing their body, if that is okay then why is this meat ban issued in the state,” asked Thackeray.

“The MNS will definitely support whoever wants to sell meat in the state. We won’t follow the meat ban issued by the government,” he told the media at a press conference.

The banning of meat in Mumbai has turned into a political slugfest with various political parties slamming the Maharashtra Government for imposing such ban.

The Maharashtra Government has banned meat for the last four days of the jain festival.


  1. What are they doing ? I feel ashamed of them. Photographs main to ye sab Janvar lag rahe hain

    Shri ram , Shri krishna , Sant Dyaneshwar Sant Tukaram ke desh ko aur kya kya dekhana padega ?

    Log etane gir sakte hai aur politicians unko ye sab karneko prostahan dete hain .

    Baki sab tamasha dekhate hai.

  2. By doing these Real Picture of MNS is displayed …It can be clearly understood how cheap MNS people can go.Obviously where leader is like Raj Thackeray , supporter can be like that only.

    Soon in Ganesha and Navratri , MNS people will surely distribute prasad of meat , beef and any thing no one can imagine.

    Go on Raj Thackery … this dirty politics will lead you no where…

  3. they should be in there limit or i must say in their “OOKAD”.. There OOKAD is too ask for votes only like a bugger. Don’t do this rubbish Activities against one of reputed religion of country. the way you people did this activities shows how bad you people are and how bad you thinking is!!! damn it. if you have a little shame left then never go to any jain person and ask for vote.

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