A Simple Rajbhog Mithai Recipe

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Rajbhog is a South Asian sweet, which is also called as giant Rasgulla, Rasmalai, etc. It is called as Rasbari in Nepal and often served with kheer, thick milk, rabdi.


Milk – 1 litre

Vinegar – 4 tbsp / lemon water 1/4th cup

Sugar – 2 cups

Water – 3 cups

How to make:

Boil milk until it is warm. Keep stirring the milk, as we do not want it to stick at the vessels base. After the milk is warm, add vinegar/lemon water to it, and keep stirring. You will find water and solid particles getting separated. Turn off the gas. Pourthe mixture into a cotton cloth. Now you’ll find that the particles get stuck into the cloth and water being released. Keep this aside for 30minutes. Thus, paneer is formed.

  • Take Paneer, add some colour to it. Mix it till we get a soft batter.
  • Stuff some cashewnuts, pista, and almonds into it.
  • In another pan let water and sugar boil until the sugar melts.
  • Now, put these small cakes (batter we made of paneer) into this pan.
  • Stir it after 5 minutes and turn the gas off.
  • Let it cool and then can be served.

Your sweet dish is ready!

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