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23-year-old Asria Chirmuley, who has studied Clinical Psychology, is now on a drive to create awareness about Alzheimer’s by providing information regarding the preventive measures to combat decline in brain functioning.

Along with ‘Making a Difference’ group, Asira has started a campaign – ‘Prevention of Alzheimer’s disorder’- Anticipate, Act, Amplify – an educative online drive ahead of 21st September – the ‘World Alzheimer’s Awareness Day’.

Speaking to ThaneMirror, Asira said, “Under ‘MAD’, we have initiated a new area of focus – ‘Mental Health and Well Being’ – through this, we are spreading this awareness. Considering the rate at which Alzheimer’s disorder is affecting people, there is a need to provide information about preventive measures that can be undertaken to enhance one’s brain health. We all can take small steps to prevent our brain from such a decline.”

In this month long campaign, Asira with her group members aims to reach at least 1,000 people. She has also launched an online campaign through social media, where every day she releases one latest research on ‘Alzheimer’s disorder’.

braingame - alzimer's
An exhibition on ‘Prevention of Alzheimer’s disorder’ displaying elaborate charts on diet, Alzheimer’s, brain games and informative books for caregivers.

She further added, “21st September would be of special interest as through the help of newspaper vendors, we will be circulating a short handbook on – ‘Prevention of Alzheimer’s disorder’ – to more than 400 residents of Thane region, through field campaign. We will also be sharing the informative booklet with clinics, doctors, chemists, book depots to reach maximum people.”

Stating that the task she has undertaken is not easy as very few people are genuinely interested in listening, Asira also added, “Sometimes it is very inspiring and encouraging to see how people come forward to help in whichever way they can. We believe, only knowledge can transcend all kinds of ignorance, and we are trying to do it to change the perception of people towards Alzheimer’s patients. We understand the dire need to make people aware of psychological concepts, theories and psychological disorders.”

Asira- story
An engaging skit on Alzheimer’s at Atre Katta, Thane.

Asira, who has been in the field from two years, has also been organizing Alzheimer’s awareness seminars in Thane and Mulund, where people come together to share their experiences of taking care of Alzheimer’s patients.

Renowned Neurosurgeon from Thane, Dr. Vinayak Joshi, has been guiding Asira in her drive, while Mukta Deshpande & Yashashree Ketkar who belong to Psychology background & Eesha Chirmuley, who works in a social sector are also associated in this campaign.

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