Book Review: Karm

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Book: Karm
Author: Aditya Mukherjee and Arnav Mukherjee
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs 195 

The underworld seems to have lost control, the government is in havoc, and our three protagonists—Vishnu, Tara, and Navkar—are on their toes to figure out what Mumbai’s future holds for the city. The story of this fast-paced thriller is primarily set in Mumbai of the future. The Mumbai of 2020 is a city full of crime, corruption, lawlessness, is more crowded, and also more (haphazardly) developed.  

The political parties are threatened by a “People’s Guardian”, details about whom are leaked by Tara, our lead heroin, a journalist. To her aide is another journalist, Sudhir Navkar, who gives us the other side of the tale and wanders through the underworld gangs, risking his life, to know the agenda of the ongoing fracas. Amidst this chaos is a different-than-usual love story of Vishnu and Tara. Although their thoughts seem to go off in different directions, they still stick together up until the climax.

What Works!

The story line, characters, set-up, background, plots, sub-plots, twists, climax and finally the end—all of it comes together to bring out this amazingly beautiful tale. You just can not stop reading it. Every chapter that you end keeps your mind in a state where you just have to continue to find out what happens next. The same stands true for the last chapter as well. I will not be surprised if there is a sequel to this book that is to be released soon.

What Doesn’t!

You might have heard of the name Batman and Vishnu Mistry seems to be an Indian version of Batman, minus the cape and mask. The resemblance might or might not be coincidental though. A young boy sees his parents get murdered and inherits an empire trying to save a Gotham-like city, i.e. Mumbai, from crime, political scandals, and underworld. A bit of imagination here would have only added to the flavours of the story. Although the language used is simple, the editing could have been better; especially the spelling mistakes should have been avoided.

To Read or Not to Read:

I must say that the book exceeded all the expectations I had set in my mind by reading the back cover blurb. The book definitely was in my “to read” list and now I have added it to my “Books-I-can’t-stop-reading-till-I-get-to-the-end” list as well.

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva Tupdale

Apurva is an Oxford graduate, who loves reading and writing. Currently, she is working as a Secretary of various head of departments with ICICI Securities Ltd. Through her blog "Appie's Place", she portray her views, poems and the random things which she find amusing. She reviews books that will help you find your "read-me" perfect book to whichever mood you are in.

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