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We all have those days when a home-cooked meal seems a little too boring to us and we would rather opt to indulge in hot meals that is deliciously fried, and stuffed with cheese (yum yum). Hot meals that can be delivered to you in an hour or so, has no nutritional value whatsoever and is packed with fats (overloaded to be precise) will do.  Just the fact that they can be cooked, packed and hand delivered right to your doorstep has to be one of world’s most guilty pleasures.

The latest food-on-the-go apps that let you place an order or give flashy discounts, all without calling, makes it even more easy for takeout and home delivery services to be on the rise. Hence, you will find that West Vibes — an irresistible eatery in Kolbad offers you just these services.

West vibe1

Like the name suggests, they serve western food — anything from Mexican to Italian, fast food burgers, pizzas, starters, soups, frappe, etc., for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Their unorganized menu showcases a lengthy number of items on it as well as combo deals ranging well below Rs 500. So here are a few suggestions for you to try out from this wonderful Tex/Mex restaurant.

For the veggies – the Fries with Cheese, the Spinach Corn Sandwich, Alfredo Pasta i.e. if you like it cheesy or simple opt for the Arrabiata pasta, Mexican Veg Veracruz Rice (this will be significantly different from any kind of rice you have ever had before) and in pizza – the Simply Veg or a Mexican 305 will just do.

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As for the non-vegetarians, the menu extends to give us more choices, which happens a lot less in local deli takeouts here.  So let’s begin from appetizers: the Gourmet Chicken or the Red Hot Chicken Skewers, the Spiced Chicken Garlic Bread, the New York Style Hot Dogs or better yet BBQ Chicken hot dog. In rice, try the Cajun Chicken Fried Rice or the Mexican Chicken Veracruz. We found their noodles are a little too dry (skip this if possible). Rather, go in for a Chicken Double Cheese Burger or a Chicken Stripper Burger and for pizzas, the BBQ Chicken Pizza or a Cheesy Chicken Pizza will do just fine.

       This retro and chic place pays homage to music styles and the iconic Bob Marley by draping their walls in colourful artwork. The blue translucent lighting makes it look more like a restro bar than an actual restaurant. The seating is just enough — 15 -20 people or a large group could easily occupy the entire space. The only difficulty would be keeping the conversations to yourself. Even worse, a crunchy bite can be practically overheard right up to the kitchen area.  It’s like a dorm room giving more than enough space for everybody ‘s conversation to be heard, even the softest of the people (this is just not right). So in times like this the best thing would be to request for home delivery. Now, we know that foodies like their food to be hot. But guess what? They serve it just like that even in their door-to-door services. Their home delivery services on weekends is delayed by 45 minutes or more but the food is never cold.

West Vibes service is warm, friendly and attentive to what the customers have to say about the place. The staff is ever-ready to compensate for any mistakes made on their end. Their service is the cherry on the cake. We can vouch for their hospitability and error-free delivery services.

An Overall Review

Rs 500 for two (approx.)

Location: No.6, Rebello Apartment, Kolbad Road, Opposite Marine Book, Thane West

Phone: 022 2547 9563

Hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Ambiance: Gets a little too distracting and loud especially if a group comes in

Service: Warm, friendly and always open to suggestions

 Air Conditioning: Yes

Home Delivery: Yes, but do expect delays on busy weekends


Leha Pathrudu

Leha Pathrudu

Leha is a blogger with writer's block, an over-thinker, dreamer and talkative. She is a Thaneite who truly believes that 'food can heal all wounds'.

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