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In a busy city like Thane, where the crowd seeks the nearest malls or street food joints, cafes that are tucked away in corners tend to be left undiscovered. One such cafe is Cafe Verve.

Cafe Verve is situated near the serene Talaopali Lake, on Dr. Moose Road and is right opposite to the Raymond Showroom that has been here for many years. The cafe was smartly designed utilizing its space cautiously so it could accommodate as many as 22 people. Its decor is definitely commendable as well, as it avoids cramping. From well-furnished tables, soft seating arrangements and two double seat couches placed at the corner inside the café, this place lets you have great one-to-one interactions. It has kept the artistic value in point as well by placing a couple of portraits and painting to finish the plain look while adding a soft touch to its interiors. They play a wide array of music from classic hits to latest remixes, but it is never too loud or disturbing. The ambiance of this eating place is an almost soothing and calm atmosphere. An outdoor seating has also been placed for those who would love to breathe in the open air.

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Their menu caters to both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians with variety in coffee, tea, shakes, chilled fruit drinks, mojitos, munchies, pizzas and tasty bagels (one that’s rare to find in Thane cafes). You will find that the menu has been crafted carefully to suit everyone’s tastebuds. When you make your first trip to the café, you’re going to be fighting the temptation for ordering more than a dish or two. Which would be the best time to go in for one of their refreshments like the Green Apple Mojito, Caramalt Shake or the Chocodile shake (need I say more) and then you could continue to browse for more. As for their tasty finger foods, Italian and bagels, let me provide you with a few suggestions.

For the veggies, I would highly recommend the Bruschetta Exotica, Verve Gourmet Pizza, in bagels – the Philly Cheese Bagel or Smoked Paneer Bagel and if you still have place for more, definitely try out a nice savory desert like The Gooey which is a warm brownie topped with chocolate sauce and served with chocolate ice-cream.

For the non-veg lovers even though the menu is limited, don’t be disheartened as their pastas, pizza, appetizers, bagels have plenty to offer for you. Though I highly recommend trying out their Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza, Chicken Arrabiata Pasta, Seek-a-bab Bagel or The Dragon Bagel, a Verve Special Salad and the Brown Eyed for desert. Non-vegetarians please note to indulge or atleast have a bite of the veg dishes that are on top of this Article.

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If you’re worried about the kind of service a cafe like this would offer, please don’t as the service is one of the best areas of Cafe Verve. They ensure that the in between service doesn’t lag behind as they cook up the dishes of your choice. People have often complimented the staff over their polite attitude towards customers and a quick response service.

Cafe Verve’s popularity is growing and people around are taking note of this cute little hub. Have a look at their offers, celebratory posts, women mania day discounts, desert special off’s and what not on their social media accounts.

When you walk into the cafe don’t forget to sit back and relax as you have a cup of coffee to accompany your enticing little conversation with no further doubts that this place offers its best at reasonable rates. So be sure to not give this place a miss.

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Location: Lake View Compound, Dr. Moose Road, Talaopali, R Pradhan Road, Thane West
Phone: 022 2536 6444

An Overall Review

Ratings: 9/10
Meal for Two: Rs 500 to 800
Hours: 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Air Conditioning: Yes
Home Delivery: Yes
Card Payment: Yes

Leha Pathrudu

Leha Pathrudu

Leha is a blogger with writer's block, an over-thinker, dreamer and talkative. She is a Thaneite who truly believes that 'food can heal all wounds'.

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